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Introductory offer starter pack includes:

  1. Moroccan Rhassoul 300gr
  2. Exfoliating Kessa Glove
  3. Natural Alum Stone
  4. Black soap eucalyptus beldi natural 250gr
  5. Eyes Kohl
  6. Preparation glass tray
  7. Booklet of use

Individual products can be bought separately after the introductory offer.

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  • Natural effective Botox
  • Natural Hair Line   


The Malta Reiki Academy was founded in 2008 by Sensei Master Teacher Jane Chircop who participated for the first time on 20th-22nd June 2008 in Malta Gaiafest. The festival of Holistic Living. Malta Reiki Academy is committed to inform, improve and help the Maltese Society from all walks of life as Reiki helps each of us to find our own way back to a highly well balanced state of being.

Reiki is an Ancient Japanese form of natural healing pronounced as ‘Ray Key’. The word ‘Rei’ is universal and ‘Ki’ is life force energy. It is by means of this life force energy. The practitioners work with Reiki Energy simply through their hands. After this, energy begins to promote healing to the highest physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Reiki is a natural Body, Mind and Spirit Healing.

The Malta Reiki Academy provides  Reiki Sessions to heal naturally and also provides Reiki Seminars to become a Reiki Practitioner Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Reiki Master Teacher level. These sessions are done once every month.

After years of research, Malta Reiki Academy is now introducing first time in Malta! Zaffir Products which are 100% Natural and especially handmade from Morocco. These products are Perfect for the Mediterranean Skin and harsh environment. Beauty was never so affordable!  A sense of well being and the right to be human. They are 100%  Recyclable and long lasting. Gentle with nature! They are not gender based so they are Unisex. They are one for all. 

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